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Stand for science

The lights out in the dark sky are holes in the celestial dome. No, they’re luminescent creatures. No, they’re balls of incandescent gas grouped by the billions into galaxies. The earth is the center of the universe. No, the sun is the center of the universe. No, the sun is the center of its solar system in a far-flung arm of a modest-sized galaxy in an ever-expanding universe full of billions of other galaxies…
Stand for science and the work scientists do to to refine, deepen, and broaden our understanding of the universe!

Review of Trojan Peace: First Light

“It was very easy to lose track of time while reading this book. I lost myself in the characters’ lives. The main character, although I still think she needs Prozac, is strong and slowly starts to come out of her shell. It’s interesting to watch her transform through the course of the book. I found myself laughing, worrying, and on the edge of my seat at times. The description of the surroundings makes me want to hop a flight to Turkey. It’s altogether a lovely story! I’m looking forward to reading the sequel.” Visit page

Review of Trojan Peace: Half-Light

“I enjoyed this book even more than the first part. The storyline was just a little bit tighter than the first part, and it shows how Jill is already growing as an author. The characters and scenery are just so well written, and it took a story that seemed boring in English classes in high school and college just come alive and seem relevant today. The version of this epic tale that I’m familiar with is the Greek side, and it was really interesting to read it from the Trojan perspective. I really did enjoy these books, and I hope there’s more to come!” Visit page

Review of Trojan Peace: First Light

“I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline for these books. The characters were incredibly well written, and I felt as if I knew them well. Knew what made them tick. For a first time author, I was surpised at how vivid and real the characters and their surroundings were developed throughout the story. It’s clear the author loves history, mythology, and legend. Any book that makes me google to learn more as I read is a good book as far as I’m concerned. I enjoyed the perspective of the story. I’m really looking forward to more works by Jill Bartelt in the future. I think they can only improve as she grows as a writer.” Visit page