The Trojan Peace: Half-Light

tphl_kindleAvailable on, the CreateSpace store, and Smashwords.

This is the companion novel and conclusion to The Trojan Peace: First Light.

Andromache is a very different person than she was when she first came to Troy. She loves her adoptive city. She loves the gardens, the libraries, and her animal friends. She loves the people in her inner circle. There’s mischievous Paris, cheerful Cassandra, and the mysterious Penthesilea. There’s Hecuba, the gifted healer; Priam, the wise priest; and Xanthus, the grumpy stable master. There’s Hector, the greatest warrior Troy has ever seen–Hector, who understands her past, her pain, and her struggles–kind, funny Hector, her friend and confidant. Her life is full and happy, and she wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

But as her connection to Hector deepens, and as the danger of Achaean raids intensifies, she finds her peace threatened from within and without. In this conclusion to The Trojan Peace, Andromache must face the ghosts of her past. She learns that even the deepest joys bring heartache. Still, in the face of despair and uncertainty, she must find the courage to live…to love…and to laugh.

This novel is set in the ancient world and is inspired by the legends of the Trojan War.


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