The Trojan Peace: First Light

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High in the citadel of wind-swept Troy, Andromache finds herself on the brink of a nightmare…or perhaps at the dawn of a new life.

Yet untouched by the ravages of war, Troy is a rich and vibrant city. The arts are flourishing, education is prized, and women hold positions of power–but Andromache doesn’t care about any of that. She was brought to Troy after a raid on her village and now wants only to hide from the world. Terrified, sick, alone, and far from home, she’s at the end of her strength when she lands among a family of Trojans. They seem kind, but she fears them. Life has taught her not to trust anybody–especially not someone like the family’s son, Hector.

Hector! The mere thought of him chills her blood. She knows him as a ruthless, hollow-eyed warrior, his bronze armor streaked with battle gore. He was there when her village was raided, and he’s haunted her dreams ever since. He’s the incarnation of everything that scares her.

Her terror deepens when she’s given a task–every day, she must meet with Hector to teach him the language of her homeland. Teach him? She can barely bring herself to face him! Once she does, though, she discovers another side to him, and she begins to question what she’d seen the day of the raid. She begins to doubt her memory, her sanity, and her grasp on the truth. Who is Hector, really? Will her time with him spell disaster or set her on the path toward healing? What will become of her, now that her fate is linked to his? What will become of her in Troy?

This novel is set in the ancient world and is inspired by the legends of the Trojan War.


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