Pamukkale and Chimaera

IMG_3279Writing fiction involves a great deal of creativity, but it can also involve borrowing things from real life. To give one example, in my book “The Trojan Peace: Half-Light,” the characters discuss two places that are, in their world, legendary: a palace of ice and a mountain of unquenchable fire. In fact, both are real places in Turkey! After visiting these sites in 2012 and 2013, I decided that I wanted to pay tribute to them in my stories. The “ice palace” is actually a place called Pamukkale (translation: Cotton Castle), a hotsprings formation rather like Mammoth Hotsprings in Yellowstone. The “fire mountain” is actually the Chimera, a mountainside dotted with pockets of a flammable gas. This mysterious natural formation on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast has intrigued people for millennia.DSC07894


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