Worth fighting for

What kind of country is worth fighting for? Over the past 8 years, as I’ve been writing about a fabled city that ended in war and devastation, I’ve thought a lot about this question. When faced by an overwhelming enemy, the Trojans opted to fight till the end for their home. They could have abandoned it…surrendered…but instead they fought on. As I developed a vision of pre-war Troy for my two “Trojan Peace” novels, I tried to imagine a place that would be worth that kind of sacrifice. “My” Troy is a city where the arts are flourishing and learning is valued. Contributions, ideas, and people from other cultures are welcomed. The surrounding countryside is a peaceful, beautiful place (even if “my” Andromache doesn’t recognize this beauty at first). People hold the place in society that best matches their skill set and personality (rather than their gender) and prisoners of war are treated with mercy, even integrated into society. Sometimes I worry that such a place could only exist within the covers of a novel…



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