Cosmopolitan Troy

I was originally drawn to the Trojan War legends through two characters, but the city of Troy itself soon captivated me. It was a port city on converging trade routes; a place where cultures and languages mixed; a place with a constant influx of new people and new ideas; a setting with endless potential. This article provides an excellent summary of the history of Troy the city/site. I wanted to highlight the following excerpt: “There is no doubt that Troy was a major city of strategic importance throughout the Bronze Age. Its location guarding the Dardanelles meant it was effectively the gateway to the Black Sea, and held an important trade route.
Sandwiched between the Mycenaean world to the west and the Hittites to the east, it was the meeting point of two opposing cultures. And it seems Troy thrived as a multicultural city: archaeologists have found evidence of cultural foreign influence, such as local potters making Mycenaean pots with their own Trojan touch. There is also evidence of extensive trade with Anatolia (modern-day Turkey) and the Bronze Age civilisations in Greece. It was, for the time, a very cosmopolitan city.”


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