Diversity in Anatolia

Yesterday, I posted about the Hittite Empire–the great power of Late Bronze Age Anatolia (3500-3200 years ago, give or take). What fascinates me about ancient Anatolia (the Asian part of modern-day Turkey) in general is the diversity of languages and cultures. This land has always been a crossroads between Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. In Anatolia, cultures have met, mixed, clashed, and interwoven since time immemorial. This cultural and historical richness is one reason I love the land so much–modern-day Turkey as well as ancient Anatolia. Interestingly, the linguistic diversity in ancient times is even reflected in the Iliad (written some 500 years after an historical Trojan War might have taken place): “Armies of allies [of the Trojans; Anatolian peoples] crowd the mighty city of Priam [Troy], true, but they speak a thousand different tongues, fighters gathered here from all ends of the realm.” [2.912-14; trans. Robert Fagles].


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