Writing in Troy?

Did the ancient Trojans write? The answer is, we don’t know. Certainly, other cultures in the region were writing before and during the Late Bronze Age (approx. 3300-3200 years ago). A single seal written in Hittite hieroglyphics has been found in the Troy archaeological site (the Hittite empire was centered near modern-day Ankara, Turkey, and stretched across Anatolia). But does this prove that the Trojans wrote in Hittite symbols…or even that they wrote at all? No–the seal might have been brought in by a Hittite ambassador, for example. The city center of the Late Bronze Age layer of Troy was destroyed by later civilizations, so we may never know if written texts were contained there, or in which language(s) they were written. Check out on image of this seal on The Troy Guide website.


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