In the legends of the Trojan War, the character called Andromache is a princess. She’s the daughter of King Aetion, from a city not far from Troy. This is the form in which I first encountered her, but when I began writing my two “Trojan Peace” books (in which Andromache is the main character), I couldn’t think of her that way. For whatever reason, she instead came into my mind as a battered, wounded refugee, fleeing her village after it was attacked. That’s the story I’ve been writing for the past eight years. It’s evolved greatly in that time, but certain questions have remained at the forefront: how strangers are received; how compassion is shown (or not shown) to them; how trust is built (or destroyed); the healing that can happen when strangers are welcomed with compassion and respect; and the damage done when they’re not. Even now that I’m finished writing, these questions continue to occupy me.


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